Can I use my current logo and colour palette
Yes, we are happy to incorporate your current logo and colour scheme (or palette) to make your website complement your current business cards, letterhead or signage.
Can you help me design a new logo for my website?
Yes. We are very happy to help design a new logo for you as an additional service.
Do your email accounts have WebMail access?
Yes. WebMail access is standard on all hosting plans that provide email accounts. WebMail can be accessed via mail.yourdomain.com.au (where yourdomain.com.au is the address of your internet site).
How can I tell what web browser I am using?
If at any time you need to know what web browser you or using, or what operating system you are running, we recommend visiting supportdetails.com. This site will tell you all of this and more. 
How many pages can I have on my website?
Our system can handle an unlimited number of pages. During our quoting process, we will help you understand how many pages can be built to fit in with your needs and with your budget.
How many years have you been in business?
We have been working professionally in the IT industry since 1989. We have been building web sites since 2001.


This questionnaire has been constructed to help understand your ideas and vision for your website.
 Creating the Administration User
An Administration User is required to allow you to log in to the Administration Console where you can take control of your website. This document will show you how to create this user.
 Admin Console – User Guide
The Administration Console allows you to take control of the content of your website and also run activity reports. This User Manual will show you how to use the main modules such as the Photo Gallery, FAQ’s and Media Downloads.
 Redelegating Your Domain
After registering a domain name with a registrar, you need to point the domain name to the Custom Made Sites DNS servers using tools provided by the registrar. This is also known as redelegating your domain name.
 Setup email account on iPone (running iOS7)
Your email accounts can be accessed on your iPhone. This document will show you how to configure the settings on your iPhone running iOS7.
 Setup email account on Outlook 2010
Your email accounts can be accessed using Outlook. This document will show you how to configure the settings to do this using Outlook 2010.
 Setup email account on windows Live
Your email accounts can be accessed using Windows Live Mail. This document will show you how to configure the settings to do this.
 Web Mail Access
WebMail is the ability to access your emails from any Internet-connected computer using a browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. This document describes how to log into WebMail and its basic operation.