A Domain name represents your online presence and it is the first thing you need to get onto the Internet.

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How to choose your domain name

A good domain name is something that is easy to remember and rolls of the tongue when people talk about you. If you are registering a domain for a business then you need to strike the right balance between representing your actual company name but not at the cost of having a long and hard to remember domain name. As an example, have you noticed that football clubs do not use namefootballclub.com.au. Instead, they use namefc.com.au as that is easier to remember and quicker for people to type in.

Different domain extensions

Domain extensions such as .com or .com.au or .co.nz are useful to tell people which geographical location you exist in. However, in recent times there has been an explosion in new extensions available. Along with .org (organisation) and .info (information) we now have many others such as .melbourne, .travel, .photographic and many more.

Who “owns” the Domain name?

By using our Domain registration/management site you will create an account and then register the domain against that account. This means that the account holder will become the legal owner of the domain name for the registration period. The maximum registration period differs between the extensions. A .com.au extension has a maximum registration period of 2 years, while .com can be registered for up to 10 years. There is no option to “own” the domain name forever. You can think of this like “renting” the domain name for a period. You can always continue to extend the renting period for as long as you like.